Workshops & Events

I am always interested how our different senses, and in this case touch and texture, can evoke such a strong emotional and visceral response. Doing workshops painting with only your fingers, I see how people respond and can get lost in their own world, really connecting with their inner child. In there lies the healing ability of touch and the way to connect with your subconscious. I always try and create a safe environment where people can explore and play while finding their own creative voice, while I make sure to encourage them all the time.


‘This was my best day in 16months especially after having covid!’

‘It helped me to connect with my child that I had lost.. I made this for her ‘

‘Your constant support makes it fun and freeing and I loved it ‘

Workshop Details

  • Each Workshop is 2 – 2  ½ hours long.
  • I provide the canvas, paint, apron, wet wipes, gloves (if they prefer that), and paper plates to mix the paint on.
  • I do a short introduction about the power of touch, and also explain why I choose to paint with my hands.
  • I read and handout quotes, and play a video clip of how I paint and also of a child at play.
  • It is about having fun, learning and experiences.

Hetsie runs various workshops. For more information on what she offers or to find out when her next workshop or event is happening, please email hetsie@hetsieotto.com.

Recent Workshops

July 2022: Finger Paint Workshop at Fort Simon
June 2022: Paint and Party with the Petites Glen Carlou.
May 2022: Paint and Party with the Petites Glen Carlou.