Standing with my Hands in the Flow of The River

Hetsie Otto Avatar

Life is a journey, we all know that, but of course our journeys are different. This year my life took me on a journey where I had to deal with low energy on a physical and emotional level and that of course left me with low creative energy. Yes, I want to paint, and yes, I want to take creative photos, but my life wanted me to stop for a moment and deal with the other part of being a human. Learning how to deal with loss, learning how to give yourself space, and learning to be okay with that. . .that is a tough one for me. Learning self acceptance in just being and not just through achieving.

I went through life, loving to challenge myself and to achieve, and I used to find my self worth in that. But now I must stand with my hands in the flow of the river and wait. . .for whatever I need to do and also for the time to do it. Not an easy lesson, but so very important. So when it happens, it might be with a burst of energy or a steady strong flow of energy. I am growing into that, accepting where I am; wait and watch me fly again, probably in a new and different way!

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  1. Ebben Avatar

    Hetsie, jou kommentaar is so waar veral waar mens in ‘n samelewing lewe waar alles oor prestasie gaan. Ek is seker dat wanneer jy weer aan die gang kom jou kreatiwiteit op ‘n ongekende vlak gaan wees. Die wag gaan dus die moeiete werd wees.

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