In May 2019, I was involved in quite a serious accident, which meant I had to have surgery on both my arm and my foot on the right side of my body. After my time in hospital, I was sent home with strict instructions to rest my arm and body. I was not even allowed to lift a paintbrush or my camera. My recovery was difficult, even more so because I could not be creative with any of my usual tools. May was not that long ago, but I can’t complain. I am so blessed; my body is healing very well and soon I will be back at the canvas creating those large canvasses in my usual Hetsie style.

Recently, I was able to pick up my camera up again for the first time since my accident. As I picked up my camera, I just looked at it, almost not knowing what to do. A friend’s gentle encouragement helped me to start again. He would softly persuade me to carry on, telling me “Come on, keep going”. Before I knew it, I started to feel and figure out how to use my camera once again to create pieces that have a story to tell.

We may impress people with our strengths. But we connect with people through our weaknesses.

Craig Groesche

The photos below are some of my first attempts after my accident. There is a gentleness and softness to them that, I feel, reflect the gentleness that my dear friend showed me as I started on my creative journey once again.

Hetsie Otto

South African Contemporary Artist & Fine Art Photographer

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  1. These are truly beautiful images Hetsie, you are a fabulous artist and I hope you are thriving now that you are able to move more freely xxx

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