Stretching my Art Skills at the Ruth Prowse School of Art

Hetsie Otto Avatar

It is only when we try something new that we can expect to learn something new. I have been doing Art now for many years now, going to classes with a great teacher. Recently, I decided to push my boundaries and do a course at the Ruth Prowse School of Art. Talk about going out of your comfort zone, but that is how we grow isn’t it? So there I am, part of a group of youngsters in an unfamiliar space and they accept me regardless of my age.

Again I am lucky to have a lovely positive teacher who is great in supporting and teaching us new skills. The first class was a bit scary, but I enjoyed it and knew I had made the right decision. We started by doing a very realistic drawing, which is not my style at all, but I did learn something! Every class, the theme is about using new tools and developing new skills.

To see everyone else’s art is an inspiration and the positive encouraging atmosphere creates such a wonderful experience. I come home every time feeling energized.

It is important to be always true to yourself and your style but stretching your ability is very rewarding!

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