Last week I had the joy of seeing a serious lover of art, collector and connoisseur; Niel Le Roux, making one of my photos part of his collection.

I was invited to visit his house to see and enjoy his vast collection of art that covers all the walls in his house. It was such a joy, every art piece unique, each with its own story and it was such a honour to to be able to engage in and enjoy his collection. Adding a print of a photo of mine made it even more special. He liked the photo from the first moment he saw it and had just the perfect spot for it.

Being an artist and doing art is such a joy but seeing someone else loving a piece of your own work and adding it to his collection is a real privilege.

‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.’

Thomas Merton

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Hetsie Otto

South African Contemporary Artist & Fine Art Photographer

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