Welcome to the Hetsie Otto Website. Hetsie Otto has a very distinct style that comes across in both her Fine Art Photography and her Abstract Art pieces. Each piece that Hetsie creates has a story and she wants you to take a closer look and see what piece speaks to you and tells you its story.

“Art always starts inside you and my responsibility is to listen and authentically express that. Never to stop listening and always allow the art the flow itself.”

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From my Blog

Look, because you don’t always see!

I recently spent some time at a Wellness Centre and, while having lunch, I noticed they changed the centre pieces on the tables to orchids. For me, an orchid was not one of my favourite flowers. I found them too stiff and formal.

Go for a Walk in a Forest

I recently spent some time in a forest. It always makes me so aware of the magic and mystery of life. Taking photos, looking through the viewfinder, can transport me to another world.