“Art always starts inside you and my responsibility is to listen and authentically express that. Never to stop listening and always allow the art the flow itself.”

Hetsie Otto

Welcome to the Hetsie Otto Website and Online Gallery. Hetsie Otto has a very distinct style that comes across in both her Fine Art Photography and her Abstract Art pieces. Each piece that Hetsie creates has a story and she wants you to take a closer look and see which piece speaks to you and tells you its story. Interested in finding out more about her Art – Get in touch with Hetsie.

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If you are interested in purchasing any of Hetsie Otto’s work, please fill in the form on the Contact Page or email hetsie@hetsieotto.com

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My Fine Art Photography Journey

I started in 2014 with photography and it was quite a journey because I am really not good with technology. For a few years, I just shot everything but I was not feeling at all happy with what I was achieving. Then I met a well known photographer for a session and in few minutes,…

Go out into the Woods – Art and Life

Living on my own now for quite a few years I grew to love my own space and learnt to deal with the ups but also the downs of life without a partner, but with fabulous friends and kids. So I was happy and fulfilled; busy with art, exercising, photography, the editing of photos and…

Finding Joy in Art during Difficult Times

Art is the same whether it is writing, painting, acting, singing or creating photos. You escape into another world, a world of colour, stories and mystery which can be very enriching for both the creator or the spectator.

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