Welcome to my Website and Online Gallery. Each piece I create has a story and I want you to take a closer look and see which piece speaks to you and tells you its story. I love to look at art and enjoy art that keeps me busy with the complexity or simplicity of the feeling, lines, shapes, and mood of it. I want to be able to look at it over and over again and always relating to something more in the art, being a constant interactive process. 

Latest Blog Posts

The Colour and Texture of Bali

I am currently in Bali and it is such an inspiring place to be. There is so much texture and colour here, and I just love it! Here are a few photos from our adventure: Texture on leaves. Bali! On our way…

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My Workshops

. . .and Connecting with Touch Again. I love people. All my working life, I’ve worked with people; it gives me energy and makes me learn more about life and also myself. I love to create in many ways. . .dressing up,…

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Fine Art

I love to use my camera to take photos that look like it was done by brushstrokes. I love abstract art and capturing the illusion of what I see rather than what one actually sees.